KTC cooperates with A.M.T Audit Thailand

In August 2015, Ms. Linh Do and Mr. Hai Le, KTC’s Partners, had a meeting with A.M.T Audit Thailand, an official member of Russell Bedford International (“RBI”), to discuss about the cooperation between the two firms. 


This is the next step after the initial agreement between the two parties in annual RBI - Asia Pacific conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in July 2015.


A.M.T Audit Thailand is one of the oldest and largest audit firm in Thailand. Founded in 1982 by founders with high reputation and experiences, A.M.T Audit Thailand keeps developing and becomes a firmly partner of major clients in Thailand.


Photo: Mr. Hai Le and Partners of A.M.T Audit Thailand


The two parties have reached an agreement in information sharing and technical assistance for Thai companies’ investment in Vietnam and vice versa. It was also committed by the two ones to introduce suitable clients for each other in case of investment between the two countries or expansion of investment in both countries. KTC and A.M.T were planning to hold a seminar in 2015 for Thai companies on investment opportunities in Vietnam.


Despite of the fact that this was just the initial agreement, it was optimistic about the development of the cooperation of the two parties, catching the trend in economic cooperation between Thailand and Vietnam, as well as among ASEAN countries in general.