Decree 28/2020 on penalty for admin violations in labour areas
The Decree No. 28/2020/ND-CP dated 1 March 2020 of the Government regulates penalties for administrative violations in the fields of labor, social insurance, and overseas manpower supply under contract. 
The main points are as below:
  • Pay wages lower than the regional minimum wage will be fined up to VND75 million.
  • Employers who pay salaries for employees lower than the regional minimum wage as stipulated by the Government will be fined from VND20-30 million for violations from 1 to 10 employees; VND30-50 million for violations of 11-50 people; VND50-75 million if violating 51 people or more. In addition, failure to publicize the payroll, salary range, change the form of payment without prior notice to the employees 10 days will also be subject to a fine of VND2-5 million.
  • Employers will be fined from VND1-3 million if temporarily transferring workers to do other jobs than the contracted one without 3 working days notice or without notice. The penalty shall be also applied if work rearrangement doesn't suit the worker's health and gender. In addition, transferring the employee to do another job without proper reason, time limit or written agreement will also be fined from VND 03-07 million.
The Decree takes into effect from 15 April 2020.