Depreciation costs are deductible, aren’t they?

(VNS-3/01/07)In the interests of creating an equitable and transparent legal environment for investment, the National Assembly has passed a raft of laws and the Government has adopted a ream of regulations in an effort to erase discrepancies in the law.

But, at the same time, some ministries and agencies seem to have been working at cross purposes, issuing regulations that create further inequities in the law.

Exposure Draft for new Personal Income Tax Law

New regulations on social and health insurance effective in 2007

The new Law on Social Insurance (LSI) issued on June 29 th 2006 and has come into effect on January 1 st 2007. The Employment Insurance Provisions (EIP) will come into effect on January 1 st 2009.

Generally, the new Law will have significant impact on employees, more than employers.