Accounting Senior - Hanoi

We are looking for talented candidates joining our Accounting team in Hanoi.

You will not only take on new challenges in professional working environment but also find a real work-life balance with a competitive package.


Accounting Senior - Job Code: HN1810ACC (Experience: 2-3 years)

Job type: Full time
Work place: Hanoi
Salary: Negotiable

Job description
* Providing accounting services for clients of Russell Bedford KTC, mostly FDI companies.
* Involving in service engagements with accounting supervisors/ director

* Entitled to per diem policy of Russell Bedford KTC
* Entitled to the regular training of Russell Bedford KTC
* Opportunity to work with a professional team of accountants of Russell Bedford KTC

Qualification: Bachelor degree in accounting, finance and/or economics
Gender: Not required
Age: Not required
* English fluency;
* Willing to travel in Vietnam and abroad;
* Priorities for people who are learning or qualified ACCA, ICAEW

How to apply
* Candidates can send email CV, application letter to Địa chỉ email này đã được bảo vệ từ spam bots, bạn cần kích hoạt Javascript để xem nó.
* You should also submit online submit form at
* The email title should include "Name of Applicant" and code "HN1810ACC". This will ensure your submits are handled quickly.
* Curriculum Vitae (original, certified by local authorities if you are recruited).
* Copy of relevant qualifications (bachelor degree, language, and accounting).

Submission deadline: 15/11/2018

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