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As the global economy expands into every corner of the world, many national fiscal authorities are seeking more effective ways to protect their tax bases. Vietnamese authorities are recently increasing to perform more tax audit on transfer pricing, especially for FDIs who have carried losses for certain years. Circular 117/2005/TT-BTC dated 19 December 2005 and Circular 66/2010/TT-BTC dated 22 April 2010 providing guidance on related parties’ transactions.
The Circular has translated into increased challenges for multinational organizations in Vietnam. From detailed transfer pricing regulations to strict documentation requirements, sophisticated audit practices to significant penalties for noncompliance, FDI companies are looking for advice in dealing with the increased regulation and higher scrutiny for recent years. For many of them, the place to turn has become Russell Bedford KTC. 
Why Russell Bedford KTC?
Our transfer pricing professionals and multi-disciplinary approach helps us to provide corporations with effective and compliant transfer pricing strategies.
We believe that first and foremost, any transfer pricing exercise must be based on sound and defensible principles. In addition, we will utilise a consultative approach where we take your business objectives, operational requirements, and practicalities into consideration. We generate tax efficiencies and mitigate the risk of potential challenges by tax authorities.
Russell Bedford KTC’s Transfer Pricing Services team has the experience and also supported by a network of global transfer pricing professionals from Russell Bedford member firms around the world and from our associated experts in the field, especially from our Russell Bedford Hongkong and Russell Bedford Malaysia. This helps us look beyond borders and understand the nuances of different national tax regulations.
How can we help?
Our Transfer Pricing Services include: Risk assessment reviews, Documentation and Compliance services, Audit defence advice, Advance pricing arrangements, Competent authority procedures and Transfer pricing planning
Our team in Vietnam is leading by:

Toby Su, MA – Chuyên gia về chuyển giá

Toby Su has more than twenty (20) years’ experience in provision of accounting, taxation, and especially transfer pricing services for a large number of companies in automobile, financial, electronic, transportation and chemistry industries, …
Currently Toby is general manager of Fu Ten Transfer Pricing Consulting Company in Taiwan, and occasionally working with KTC Assurance & Business Advisors on transfer pricing consulting clients in Vietnam. Toby was a former specialist in transfer pricing service group of PricewaterhouseCoopers (Taiwan) accounting firm, and also a former team leader of underwriting department of Capital Security. Toby is a founder of Taiwan Transfer Pricing Research Center and has involved in many researches related to transfer pricing of Taiwanese companies. 
Toby is strongly knowledgeable of International and Vietnamese Accounting Standards, International Public Sector Accounting System and taxation laws and transfer pricing regulations. Toby gained his MA in Financial Economic Law, Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan and is a well-known transfer pricing expert in Taiwan, China and Vietnam.
Do Thuy Linh – Partner
Bà Linh có nhiều năm kinh nghiệm làm việc cho các tổ chức quốc tế như Ngân hàng thế giới, Ngân hàng phát triển Châu Á, chương trình phát triển Liên hợp quốc, Coca-Cola, ABB, Nhà máy nước giải khát Hà Tây, tập đoàn Hilton,…Bà Linh có nhiều năm kinh nghiệm trong bộ phận kiểm toán và tư vấn doanh nghiệp của Ernst & Young Việt Nam với tư cách là kiểm toán viên.
Trước khi gia nhập RBK, bà là giám đốc của một công ty tư vấn quốc tế. Bà Linh là đồng tác giả của các cuốn sách về kế toán "VN GAAP and VN GAAS, Convergence to International Accounting and Auditing Principles" và "VAS, intent and purpose contrasted to IAS" xuất bản năm 2003 và 2005. Bà Linh tốt nghiệp cao học ngành tài chính kế toán tại trường đại học Gothenberg (Thụy Điển) và có chứng chỉ kiểm toán viên cấp Nhà nước (VACPA).
Thái Vân Anh, ACCA – Partner
Bà Vân Anh có hơn mười lăm (15) năm kinh nghiệm cung cấp các dịch vụ kế toán, thuế, kiểm toán và chuyển giá cho các công ty lớn trong ngành may mặc, đóng tàu, logistics… 
Hiện nay, bà Vân Anh đang là giám đốc chi nhánh TP. Hồ Chí Minh của KTC, phụ trách toàn bộ hoạt động của chi nhánh. Bà Vân Anh có nhiều kinh nghiệm về tư vấn thuế và kiểm toán và tư vấn doanh nghiệp với Công ty Ernst & Young Vietnam trước khi giữ chức giám đốc tài chính cho các doanh nghiệp FDI tại Việt Nam. Bà Vân Anh cũng có nhiều kinh nghiệm trong lĩnh vực kiểm toán ở Châu Âu khi làm cho Công ty PricewaterhouseCoopers tại Anh Quốc – Văn phòng Glasgow mà Bà là kiểm toán phụ trách của các khách hàng kiểm toán và kiểm toán hoạt động
Van Anh is knowledgeable of International and Vietnamese Accounting standards, taxation law and transfer pricing regulations. Van Anh gained her Bachelor Degree in Melbourne University, Australia, and is involving in training for ACCA, ICAEW certificate, CFO, CEO Coaching and other entrepreneur courses.
Louis Kwan
An Enrolled Tax Agent with U.S. Internal Revenue Service, Louis has more than 20 years of experience and is an expert in U.S. individual and expatriate taxation. He had worked for an international accounting firm for more than 10 years in Hong Kong. Before joining Russell Bedford Hong Kong, he worked in Toronto, Canada specializing in tax planning for high net-worth individuals and U.S.-Canada cross-border tax planning.
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Bà Thái Vân Anh – Partner
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