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Published by |on 1 September, 2022

Following the recent laws and regulations on social insurance (SI) and health insurance (HI), expatriates working in Vietnam meeting the below conditions are subject to compulsory SI and HI contribution: Having work permit, or practicing certificates, practicing licenses issued by the local authority; and Signing indefinite-term employment contracts or employment contracts valid for one year […]

Published by |on 24 August, 2022

TAXATION REGISTRATION What are the main characteristics of the Business Licence Fee (BLF) in Vietnam? Similar to other business entities in Vietnam, FIEs are required to pay BLT on the annual basis at the beginning of a calendar year. The tax amount is based on the entity’s legal capital/ investment capital as follows: Levels of […]

Published by |on 21 June, 2022

In accordance with Decree 38, 2022 regulating the minimum wages applying to employees working under the employment contract, the minimum wages by region are as follows: Regions Prior to 1 July 2022 (VND/ month) 1 July 2022 onwards (VND/ month) Region I 4,420,000 4,680,000 Region II 3,920,000 4,160,000 Region III 3,430,000 3,640,000 Region IV 3,070,000 […]

Published by |on 1 April, 2022

The necessity of corporates’ salary range establishment The labor code regulates that corporate needs to establish the salary range and norms. In practice, establishing salary ranges and norms would help corporates monitor salary budgets and costs. With an up-to-date salary range and norms, business owners would be able to track and analyze the salary movement […]

Published by |on 10 March, 2022

Salary and wages Wage is an amount in cash or in kind that is paid to the employee by the employer based on mutually agreement (i.e. labour contract) made by the two parties. Salary calculation principles According to the Labor Code 2019 and Decree 145 in 2020 guiding implementation of the Code, there are three […]

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